A new Hands-on Workshop: Domain-driven Design with CQRS & Event-Sourcing (Java/TypeScript)

On your way to becoming a Backend Developer or a System Architect? Attend this hands-on workshop to become familiar with Domain-driven Design, CQRS, and Event-sourcing, and how they can be combined together to form ultra-scalable & maintainable cloud applications. We use Java or TypeScript, depending on your language of choice. Secure your ticket at https://dddworkshop.dev/ or scroll down to find out more.

Understand CQRS

Learn how to apply CQRS (Command & Query Responsibility Segregation) to build highly scalable cloud applications. Understand how CQRS allows you to support multiply read technologies while focusing on a single write model. Understand the trade-off between availability and consistency. Know when to embrace Eventual Consistency and when to avoid it. Implement an end-to-end CQRS flow in Java or TypeScript.

Design your Domain-model

Understand & practice the process of designing a Domain model. Learn how to use the Aggregate and Repository patterns to come up with a solid design that reflects your domain in the most accurate way. Learn how to avoid an Anemic Domain Model, and how to distinguish between Domain logic and Application logic. Learn to identify and define the entities, value objects, and aggregates which model your domain, as you design a Domain model for a Social Network service.

Work with Layers

Learn how to divide your application into logical layers. Understand how to identify and isolate the Domain layer, and how to segregate it from the Application & Infrastructure layers.

Understand Event-sourcing

Shift towards Event-driven design. Understand how events can reflect the state of your app. Implement an event-driven service. Understand the benefits and complexities of Event-sourcing. Implement a CQRS-based Event-sourced microservice in Java or TypeScript.

Make your code speak the business language

Understand how to align your code and data with the Domain, while avoiding synthetic structures and “made-up” concepts. Learn how to organize your code so it would reflect the business problems and terms. Understand how CQRS & Event-sourcing fits naturally into this padigram.

“I have tailored this workshop to match the latest standards of software architecture during my years of professional experience as a developer and an architect in both large organizations and small startups. Then I have rigorously tested it using a series of live workshops and revisions based on feedback from learners.” — Eilran

Learn more & Attend at dddworkshop.dev.

Have a nice learning!

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